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Right from the start, we’ve worked hard to build a substantial property portfolio. It’s been a step-by-step process in which we’ve focused on quality and long-term prospects. This approach has resulted in a portfolio consisting of homes, shops, offices and business premises throughout the Netherlands and in Germany. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved. Our technical management department invests a great deal of care and attention into the management of our properties, and this applies also to their operation. We are similarly attentive to this and manage the running of the properties ourselves. Our tenants are our top priority, and we listen closely to their needs. We’re also developing numerous sustainability initiatives, such as the purchase of natural gas-free homes. No matter the extensity of our portfolio, we’re always willing to consider and accommodate new opportunities.

Everything you need to know about our real estate, in one convenient place

  • Affordable rental properties
    Affordable rental properties

    Newomij offers a wide range of affordable rental homes throughout the Netherlands. We manage all of our high-quality properties with a great deal of care and attention. View our selection here.

  • Offices

    It doesn’t matter what kind of office or business premises you’re looking for, we can help you find just what you need thanks to our broad selection of properties throughout the Netherlands. View our selection.

  • Retail

    With our experience and expertise in commercial real estate and our wide selection of properties, you’ll be sure to find the ideal retail space for your enterprise among our offerings. View our selection.

  • Acquisition

    We’re always interested in new opportunities. At the moment, we’re focusing on sustainable rental properties in the medium-priced segment.

Clients on Newomij Real Estate

The strength of the collaboration with Newomij is in the short lines of communication between the parties. By carrying out the commercial, technical and operational management itself, Newomij inspires confidence in its tenants, which is a critical success factor in the conversations we have as brokers with Newomij’s tenants and landlord.

Tim de Vries –  Consultant Cushman & Wakefield

In our office, we always strive to create the best working conditions for our people. Everything has to run well! It’s great to work with a company that does everything possible to meet our high standards. Newomij is always happy to consult with us on matters such as sustainability, and thanks to the short lines of communication, we have an extremely pleasant business relationship.

Paul Huisman –  Facility Manager Allen & Overy

I received a gorgeous, festive bouquet from Newomij Vastgoed, simply because I’ve been renting this home for 50 years. How very thoughtful of them!

Tenant –  Van den Rijnplantsoen, Voorschoten