Real Estate Finance

Personal contact, short lines of communication and swift decisions

This branch of our company enables us to make our own choices, and to decide which properties we will invest in. Professional real estate investors may contact us for financing their real estate, such as for the purchase of current rented investment properties or refinancing of other investment properties in the Netherlands. We’re happy to consider all the available options with you. In making our choices, the most important factors that we take into consideration are the property, its location, the state of maintenance, the quality of the tenants and naturally, the applicant. The ratio between the amount of financing and the investment of own funds is also an important consideration. The short lines of communication mean we can keep the processing time relatively short. Personal contact is extremely important to us; we prefer to discuss all of the options with you so that we can create a proposal that best suits your needs and situation. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

  • Houses and apartments
    Houses and apartments

    Interesting real estate? We would love to advise you!

  • Housing and retail
    Housing and retail

    Leased investment objects upon purchase or refinancing.

  • Projects for sale
    Projects for sale

    Location, rent level, valuaion, we would like to dicuss the possibilities with you.

  • Other investment projects.
    Other investment projects.

    With our broad experience we can assist you at any time.

We’d like to hear from you

Experienced investors?

Every application starts with personal contact. Our account managers are happy to provide educated advice.

Experienced investors

Past experience shows that partnerships with seasoned investors are the most successful. We are therefore particularly interested in hearing from this group of investors.

Property or portfolio

At Newomij, the lines of communication are short, which enables us to move quickly and keep the processing time short. Whether you’re looking for property financing for existing rental properties or the refinancing of a portfolio, we’ll be happy to discuss the options with you.

Financing needs

Each financing process starts with personal contact, so we can discuss all of the relevant aspects with you and create a proposition that perfectly suits your needs.

Clients on Newomij Real Estate Finance

We approached Newomij to see if there were possibilities to finance the purchase of four new-build homes. We received an initial positive response within just a few days, and we were then able to quickly come to an agreement on the terms and conditions. The financing agreement is exactly what I was looking for.

Bart Douw –  Real Estate Investor

I was pleasantly surprised by my account manager’s flexible approach. The clear valuation guidelines meant that we could deal with this matter very quickly.

Experienced investor –  Rotterdam

More information on Real Estate Finance?

If you would like to know more about our offer in real estate financing, please feel free to contact us.
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Newomij Financieringen is licenced as a financial services provider by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and applies a
controlled remuneration policy.

Newomij Financieringen applies a remuneration policy aimed both at protecting clients from being treated carelessly and preventing irresponsible risk-taking. The policy is based on all of the principles outlined in the Regulation on Controlled Remuneration Policy under the Financial Supervision Act (Wft 2011) and the Remuneration Policy for Financial Enterprises Act (Wbfo 2015) With its remuneration policy, Newomij Financieringen aims to attract and retain properly qualified employees, and ensure that the interests of its clients are paramount and aligned with the company’s risk appetite and values, with long-term objectives in mind.

The remunerations consist generally of fixed amounts. Variable remuneration only applies in the event of extra effort being taken, and with attendance at evening meetings of homeowners’ associations. These variable remunerations are expressly and explicitly not dependent on the company’s results.

Risk analysis and management
The remuneration policy was drawn up by the Newomij Financieringen B.V. management. The Supervisory Board acts as a remuneration committee, and monitors and evaluates the company’s remuneration policy. The Supervisory Board determines the amount of the director’s remuneration. All other remunerations are determined by the management with the broad outlines being approved by the Supervisory Board, paying due attention to the mutual allocations. The compliance officer is involved in evaluating the remuneration policy.

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