Working at Newomij


Working at Newomij means working at one of the largest private real estate enterprises in the Netherlands. It’s a company with a rich history and a strong focus on the future. We’re committed to our business and to each other. We take a professional and human approach in our work, and we always look to the long term, also with respect to our colleagues. Once you’re on board, you’re part of the family from the very first day, and you’ll receive plenty of opportunities for personal development.

Young Newomij

For example, Young Newomij is our platform aimed at giving young professionals the opportunity to grow and develop, and to share their bright, innovative ideas with their colleagues so that the whole company can benefit.


Connecting, changing, developing and building for the future

  • Fantastic lunch
  • High-end fitness and free physiotherapy
  • Renovated, sustainable office
  • Close team, informal atmosphere and pleasant after-work gatherings

Professionalism is a high priority for us, and we’re committed to investing in your development.


We believe in the importance of involvement and vitality, and with that in mind, we aim to motivate and inspire you and take a genuine interest in your well-being.


We’re always open to new ideas and personal initiatives.

Young Newomij stimulates young professionals to make a real, impactful contribution.

Duco Klynstra - Board Member, Young Newomij