Social Responsibility

Committed to community

We apply the same values to our vision for society that we apply within our company. Commitment is high on our list of priorities, and for that reason we support a number of charities. Or rather, we’ve entered into long-term partnerships with a number of parties. Financial support is naturally part of this partnership, but we prefer to go the extra mile by operating as true partners.

The Dutch Heart Foundation (Hartstichting)

A good example is our partnership with the Hartstichting. As well as contributing financially to scholarships for young, talented researchers (the Dekker Scholarships), we’ve also contributed to the Hartstichting’s goal of turning the whole of the Netherlands into a 6-Minute Zone by placing AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) at 32 of our apartment complexes.


Free a Girl

This international organisation puts its words into action. More than two million children are forced to work in the sex industry. Free a Girl is committed to freeing all underage girls from their terrible situation, and to bring both the traders and the buyers to justice.



Hilversum City Run

The athletic and charitable nature of this event means we’re enthusiastic about participating in it every year. It’s an excellent opportunity to indirectly support a good cause, work on our physical fitness, and take on a challenge together with our business associates. It’s a popular event, with more than 70 participants.


Amsterdam UMC

Newomij commenced its sponsorship of the Amsterdam UMC in January 2019. Enabling academic medical centres to join forces contributes to a society in which diseases can be prevented and patients cured. Amsterdam hospitals are among the best in the world, but that cannot be taken for granted. Newomij believes it’s important to maintain a high standard of healthcare, and is keen to make a contribution to this goal.

Our partners

Our partnership with Newomij energises us. From the very first day, they were proactive with respect to placing the AEDs on the exterior of their properties, and the enthusiasm of their employees is truly inspiring.

Floris Italianer –  Director, Dutch Heart Foundation

Thanks to Newomij, we have literally been able to free children from the worst forms of sexual exploitation in a number of countries. There have also been contributions made to the rehabilitation and reintegration of victims, including shelter, trauma processing, education, medical care and more.

Evelien Hölsken –  Founder and Director Free a Girl Foundation

Business Run participants who grow in number every year and have become something of a fixture in the Hilversum City Run. Their enthusiasm is absolutely clear to see!

Dick Slootbeek –  Director, Hilversum City Run