About us

Both feet on the ground, and a long-term focus

Over more than 60 years, Newomij has expanded to become one of the largest private real estate enterprises in the Netherlands. It’s a family-owned business with extensive expertise, and operates in numerous areas in the real estate sector. In addition to an impressive property portfolio, we also offer real estate financing, HOA management and insurance. This enables us to finance properties, manage them ourselves, make our own choices, and move quickly when required. No matter how diverse our activities are, our approach stays the same. We are a reliable partner and set high standards for our own performance. Commitment is our priority, and we seek long-term partnerships in which we can demonstrate this. We are sincere in the attention we pay to our clients, partners and suppliers, and to those around us. While we have strong ambitions for our growth and continually monitor our results, we always ensure that this does not come at the expense of our business relationships. This has shaped what we are today: a real estate company that is constantly on the move, focusing on the long term. Newomij, commitment in real estate.

Commitment in Real Estate

  • Enterprising
  • Ambitious
  • Connecting
  • Reliable
  • Expert

The people

Dit is een greep uit de 75 medewerkers die bij Newomij werken.

Arjen Mud

Accountmanager Verzekeringen
In twee woorden: accuraat en efficiënt

Bart Blankevoort

Manager Kennis en Informatie
Autoriteit in verandertrajecten

Bas van Andel

Accountmanager VvE Beheer
Ademt VvE Beheer

Dennis Post

Technisch Vastgoedmanager
Rotsvast in nieuwbouwprojecten

Dimitra Peponis

Accountmanager VvE Beheer
Grote verbinder

Douwe Feenstra

Manager VvE Beheer
VvE expert met een grote V

Wat zegt het personeel?

It’s great that Newomij is so dedicated to providing the best service to its clients, and that this also spills over onto the employees. That means I go to work every day with a real spring in my step!

Marisa Rodrigues –  42 years as Office Manager at Newomij.

For me the most positive thing is the openness of my colleagues and the corporate culture. Your opinion and ideas are really valued here.

Remco Jacobs –  Technical Management HOA and Emergency Response Officer