Commitment in Real Estate

Always on the move,
with a long-term focus

In the past six decades of our existence, we’ve expanded to become one of the largest private real estate enterprises in the Netherlands. As a family company, we stand for commitment and a focus on the long term. Along with our impressive property portfolio, we also offer financing and HOA (Homeowners’ Association) management.

Newomij facts and figures

A diverse property portfolio requires active property management, effective administration and transparent figures. Our professionals are dedicated to their field and passionate about providing our clients with the best possible service. That yields figures that we’re extremely proud of.

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residential properties
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financed residential property
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Open to new opportunities

At the moment, we’re focusing primarily on recently built and new constructions, including medium-priced rental houses and apartments, both within and outside of the Randstad. Each acquisition entails a very careful assessment in which we consistently focus on the long term prospects.

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